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Psychic Readings Channeling and Reiki — THE POWER THREE


When I was 40 my spirit talked to me- well it actually screamed at me. It said, “California” every 3 seconds all day and all night. It only shut up when I went to sleep. It didn’t take long for me to get the idea. I had to move to California. And move I did and my whole life changed for the better. I’m so glad I listened. My Spirit was directing my life in the right direction.

Have you ever listened to your intuition or your inner knowing and followed that advice? And did you notice that it turned out great? Spirit also speaks to you through psychic readers, channelers and Reiki and energy work practitioners.


Psychic readings are a mini version of this.  They are your Spirit speaking to you answering specific questions you may have or helping you solve problems through another person trained in reading your body and aura energy. They can direct you to the resources or people you need in your lives. They can give you direct information about your problems, your relationships, your feelings, your life mission.

Their spiritual advice can soothe your stress, comfort you in times of sorrow, loss or grief. They can playfully interact with you to get our attention, lighten our day and make a statement.

Using Spiritual Guidance

I use spiritual guidance every day to give me the next step in growing my business, and moving into higher consciousness. I call this guidance  my unseen “life mentor’ who is always with me. I give this information to my logical mind and start navigating my path to my goal.

When used with  basic healing energy techniques, you will get a boost in your ability to heal your relationships, your career, your health, and add zest back in your life.

I have used intuitive guidance in my coaching, hypnotherapy, and energy work and in my 2 books, Release Your Magical Child, and Mental Reset: power tools and a strategy to reset your mind for success.

Channeling Services

Channeling is connecting with your archangel friends to gain information, insights to your problems and give you comfort. Channeling gives you information about your present unhealthy mindset or thoughts. It clarifies your problem and provides you with an answer. Now that you have a definite solution or course of action,  you can release stress, drop the worry and indecision. Your spiritual friends have your back.

When I started channeling I had no idea of the energetic power, peace of mind, and guidance I would gain by talking with Archangel Michael. It was like having  inside access to the wisdom of heaven.  It has remained that way through the years.  Every time I sit to talk to him or channel his advice for a friend, I feel totally blessed to be in his presence and be a conduit for his wisdom.

My friends have benefited greatly from the advice I was able to channel for them. One friend was dealing with a difficult divorce and settlement, and found the answers she was seeking about why she  had married this man. Her heart reaffirmed the info the angels were providing.

Reiki and the Energy You…

is the “laying on of hands.” A practitioner  lays her hands on you and assists the flow of energy though your body. It’s the perfect way to heal the body and restore your natural life force flow.

Both are necessary for a healthy you and a healthy body. To access and use your energy to heal your body and your life, you need to move into the invisible energies that shape your mind, body and soul. You are a latticework of energies.” says Donna Eden in her pioneering book, Energy Medicine.


The Power Three

When you combine Channeling, psychic readings and energy work, you have a great, effective, and fast remedy for healing your body, mind and reuniting you back to your Soul.

Reiki & Channeling Sessions


Here is what others are saying about my Channeling and energy clearing sessions.

“I found our session together to be immensely valuable. I was blown away by her ability to finely tune into Archangel Michael. Not only was she able to provide me with insights into my blocks, but she was able to use her hypnotherapy background to uncover the block so I can talk to my higher self.”
—Sonal Mukhi

“You are so good. So clear and confident.”
– Donna W.

You deserve good health, accurate information, helpful suggestions from the Ascended Masters. Claim yours now.

Contact me and let’s talk about my reiki and channeling services.

Find yourself again and live your NEW LIFE.
Amber DeAnn