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Do you believe you can reset the functionality of your mind?YOU CAN!

“Amber DeAnn’s book is a clearly written “how to” designed to help you restart, kick start and reset your outlook. It does this by guiding the reader in specific ways in order to gain skills to re-engage in life with enthusiasm.” – Kyczy Hawk

“I found the book easy to read, and understand. The list of basic skills taught in this ebook will be very useful for people wanting to live an authentic life and achieve their hearts desires. Then they could be happy and successful. I look forward to reading more.” – Mona Angel Wells

Self Help Coaching eBook

Biggest problem we have in shifting our mental abilities is our habits, and our self-image.

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We acquire our mindset by believing our thoughts. We acquire our self image by comparing ourselves to others. Neither our thoughts or our concept of our self image is true and neither is fixed. We can change our thoughts about ourselves  and our thoughts about our potential, our mindset. We just need a few tools and a system.


When I lived with dysfunctional roommates in a scary, drug infested neighborhood in a house I could not afford, I thought I was stuck forever. “Enough,” yelled my inner voice. My spirit had spoken and it was time for action.

No more living in misery, doubt, worry, and practicing self sabotage. You can’t create a happy life that way. I’ve tried it. It’s a loser.

I set my intention to get out of this mess and be the best I can be. Then I discovered some feel good, effective, researched metaphysical  tools, set my goals and dug in to change my life.

Some people get great results. Why not everyone? They just lack a strong enough motive and a system.


“What could you be if you totally were integrated?”

“What would life be like if your thoughts, feelings, mindset and self-image were united and moving you toward being the best you could be?”

Now with ancient wisdom, modern neuroscience, and your inner will you can shift your mindset, your self-image, your thoughts and your life. You can be the best you ever and be happy. I found a system.

Let’s Crawl Inside My Book, “Mental Reset”, and find out how that happens.

Excerpt —  Chapter 1  What is Success?

Chapter 1
What Is Success?


What Does Success Mean For You?

For most of us, success looks like a long hard climb up the financial ladder, pinching pennies, planning and revising budgets, and shifting career goals. It seems like an endless cerebral strategy session pitting yourself against all your competitors, now and in the future in a quest for more money and more power. Really?

Beating the competition forces you to look at your shortcomings and brings up the “I can’t do that” mind chatter. Then you start thinking, “I can’t write an app. I can’t manage 30 people. I’ll never be successful.” These thoughts will defeat you before you even get started.

They killed my dreams and goals until I shifted my focus from “beating the competition” to “what’s good for me?” Suddenly my mind soaredwith ideas.


Maybe success is not reaching a specific destination. 

Maybe success isn’t reaching a certain goal. 

Maybe success is seeing your life as a journey, as an ever evolving, unfolding of your human essence, like the opening of a flower bud. As each petal opens, a new skill is born, or a new awareness of your character arises.


The Elements of Building a Successful Life

I believe success is knowing yourself, being yourself and finding your place in the world so you can do what you came here to do.

I believe that when you feel and acknowledge your deepest desires, and yearnings and marry them to your skills, and talents, you find success. This is finding You. This is the foundation upon which you can build your life.


The Process of Reshaping Your Life

After years of serious soul searching, reading countless personal improvement books, learning some Buddhist philosophy, experimenting with many different meditation classes, and journaling through tons of personal self-criticism, I started to see the real me. The tools I used are presented in this self-help, interactive guide.


Change, of course, starts with learning some basic skills.

The Basics

Reshaping your life is about mastering the following skills:

  • Looking at yourself and your needs honestly when creating your goals
  • Dealing with your mind chatter and critical inner voice
  • Learning techniques to raise your energy
  • Connecting with the wisdom of the Universe
  • Shifting your self image to align with your New You vision
  • Building your inner strength


This ebook will walk you through the introspection and exercises necessary to achieve each of these skills.

It’s a big job to shift your life. You need some tools.

In the self help ebook, Mental Reset, you will be introduced to 12 tools and a strategy so you can achieve your version of success.

Finding your Inner Success will give you —

  • Inner peace
  • More self-confidence
  • Greater ability to conquer life’s challenges
  • Ease in adapting to life shifts,
  • Increased self-acceptance
  • A stronger self-image
  • Stronger inner strength and will power
  • Ease in dropping fear, confusion and anxiety


While immersed in hypnotherapy class, she channeled a book, Release Your Magical Child, of her struggle to free herself from mom’s control and abuse and reconnect with her Inner Child and her spirit.

Years of hypnotherapy, self-study and exploration had given her back her ability to speak up and take control over her life. But living in a angry, confusing, emotionally charged, work addiction family had caused Amber to shut down her feelings, dreams, and creativity just to survive.

A business degree, and a law degree did not produce any worldly job success. She still struggled with PTSD, low self-esteem and finding her identity. She asked her Spirit for help. In a dream she had become a personal development speaker and healer.

Surprised, but delighted, she eagerly became a student of everything metaphysical. But “stuck” thoughts of emotional abuse, and incompatible self-image made her journey difficult. She needed the essential life skills of meditation, yoga, emotional clearing, Abraham Hicks wisdom combined, not the single focus on one modality.

Through years of experimenting, she found a way to synthesize these modalities into a simple, workable plan for herself and others.  In Mental Reset, you will find 12 tools and an easy system to

shift your mindset, and self-image so you can achieve your dreams.

This book complements Amber’s life coaching program which brings you into an amazing new powerful, happy state.

Amber DeAnn is a life coach, inner game coach, hypnotherapist, intuitive energy healer, writer and speaker.