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“Brain Movement Integration Technique” by Amber DeAnn

Do you need new ideas? Are you ready to fix a relationship? Do you want positive energy? Ambers pre-meditation technique helps to bypass the monkey mind, stimulate the brain, and energize the body with fun movements.  This technique reignites the spontaneous power of your inner being and helps you Power Up for action.   Please bring comfy shoes because we will be moving about.


These Meditation Services & Technique Allows you to…

  • Bypass monkey mind
  • Bypass self limiting doubts
  • Stimulate the brain
  • Energize the body
  • Create an atmosphere of fun joy in your body
  • Connect to the spontaneous power of your Inner Being
  • It will spark more focused meditations, and clearer psychic readings
  • It creates an enhanced sense of unity of body, emotions, and Inner being

And it’s done quickly and effortless. It can be accomplished by yourself or with a partner. You will fall in love with your new power.

Upcoming Classes with Dates, Times & Locations


Class Name
Shift Relationships, Break Free and Create New

Date & Time
June 8th, 2019 from 11am-4pm

Sacred Space Wellness Center

2075 Lincoln Ave, Ste B & C Willow Glen, CA

Life is No Longer a Struggle. How About You?

The amount of help that I have been able to do with the help of all my teachings throughout the years is incredible.  My business, Coaching by Amber, has flourished into something I couldn’t even dream about doing in the past.  I am at a point right now in my life where life is no longer a struggle, I am happy.  That is my goal for my clients, I want them to find their happiness, overcome their struggles, and determine what they want from the universe and how to get it for themselves.

I perform a wide range of services throughout the San Jose Area that can benefit achieving a healthy life!

Mastering Your Emotions

Discovering Yourself