Integration of You and Your Tools

Integration of You and Your Tools

This trinity is the empowerment we all seek. It’s the objective of my whole program.

In the Healing Family Relationship class, you were released from the dirty energy of your family.

Wasn’t it a huge relief to be free from family energy? Didn’t it feel like  waking up, settling in a way that allowed the True You to take ownership of the body, mind and soul of you.

You just took back your life.

In the Inner Game Skills class  you learned how to master your emotions, how to stop being controlled by your fear or anger like a puppet on a string. Then you learned how to reconnect with your Inner Child traits and jump back into curiosity, creativity, joy, adventure, and use it to boost your happy. Then you identified your current needs and wants. 

 Now it’s time to reconnect with your buried life dreams and learn the tools necessary to march forward into manifesting your True, authentic life—the integration class.

“When the mind knows itself & loves itself,
there is a trinity that is the mind, love and knowledge.”
 — Peter Lombard


This class will be building an authentic you. Here we combine ancient wisdom with modern neuroscience, with Law of Attraction inspiration with your needs and wants. It’s a individualized program taught with humor and psychological insight.

Here we will use my book, Mental Reset: power tools and a strategy to reset your mind for success, as a model for our self introspection.  

This ebook will train you to–
identify what success means for you,
find your dreams, skills, talents,
shift your self image,
shift  your self esteem,
build emotional strength, and
integrate all parts of you.

This is all part of an easy to use, practical system designed to help you step into your original blueprint and make it work for you. imagine who you could be if you were using all of your skills. Now you will to find out.

Then we employ the 12 step process which covers…

discovering your mindset
deciding what you want
overcoming inner objections
raising your vibrations
using the Law of Synchronicity
meeting the real you
changing your self image
analyzing your personal information
releasing your current self image
building your inner energy reserve
integrating your parts.

The end result is a new powerful, integrated, focused personality — The You you dreamed of.


“Amber DeAnn’s book is a clearly written “how to” designed to help you restart, kick start and reset your outlook. It does this by guiding the reader in specific ways in order to gain skills to re-engage in life with enthusiasm.” — Kyczy Hawk,  Author of “Yoga and The Twelve Step Path”. Also a yoga teacher, workshops leader.

“I found the book easy to read, and understand. The list of basic skills taught in this ebook will be very useful for people wanting to live an authentic life and achieve their hearts desires. Then they could be happy and successful. I look forward to reading more.” – Mona Angel Wells, Angel Coach.

“Mental Reset drew me in immediately with Amber’s offer of a systematic, integrative skill-based approach to greater happiness and success. There are so many paths to self-improvement that it is easy to get paralyzed and not act on of any of them. A plan that that helps us use the best and leave the rest is a true gift.” – Rita Marie Johnson, former Unity minister and prizewinning author of Completely Connected, Uniting our Empathy and Insight for Extraordinary Results

Find yourself again and live your NEW LIFE.

Amber DeAnn


Heal Family Relationships

My Story

My Mom was very controlling, emotionally and physically abusive. I never opened the window shades in my bedroom because I could not master the wrist snap that would send the shade moving upward. The shade & I battled for domination every day. I usually lost. Mom attempted to show me how to tame the shade, but my fear of her overwhelmed me and she blew up, beating me like a wild, out of control maniac. It wasn’t the first time she had beat me up, but it was the one that I remembered for it’s viciousness. I made a decision that day—Never would anyone treat me like that again.

She was overly controlling, ridged in a mindset that denied me playtime, creative time and freedom of expression. I existed to work for her, doing housework and cooking.   I was being suffocated mentally and emotionally. I had to make another decision. I was going to have to fight for my will to survive and be me. And fight I did— everyday we were together. Many times the arguing became so intense and so angry I thought I would explode. I became good at reading her body language, her energy, her moods. It was my safety net. I created such a shell of protection around me for many years that I lost the ability to feel anything, because to feel, I reasoned, would make me weak and helpless & useless if I had to defend myself in the future. I had to be strong and strength left no room for feelings.

Years later I came to understand that she was not mentally stable. She could not find peace in herself, peace in her life, or contentment in her activities. She was torn by resentments, fear, and frustration with being a woman trapped in a life she hated.

Time to Look at Me

So after putting thousands of miles between us, I started looking at me. I saw the anger seething below the numbness, the inability to feel any kindness toward her, the inability to trust people, the lack of love for myself and the protective emotional shell I had built up around me. This was not how I wanted to live. So I went on a journey to find me.

I studied everything I could about childhood trauma and the recovery techniques. But the most help came from releasing the anger and fear inside of me. The process also released the anger and fear inside of her too. Hypnotherapy and my Spirit guides worked their magic and I was set free. Then I saw that others dealt with the same problem.

“Your journey is your gift to others.” — Wendy Gayle, psychic