Inner Game Tools

You are the sum of your Inner Game skills. They are the attributes of you that make you strong in the face of diversity, and that allow you to manifest.  They are what makes your personality memorable from others.

They create your character. They will influence how you see the world and relate to others and help you achieve your life mission. It is essential to your success to know how to work with your personal attributes.

Striving to perfect your Inner Game skills will cause you to butt heads with the big 4 most irritating negative emotions-anger, depression, fear, anxiety. Have you noticed that when you are angry at someone, it often turns into depression (how they treat me so bad), then fear (he will leave), then anxiety (how do I to mend the situation). These emotions are connected and they do thrive and feed off each other.  They seem to attack us like leaches coming from nowhere.

But if we treat them as messengers, and work with the message, we can use their energy to make ourselves stronger and more powerful.

Good news. They can be managed. How do I know? I’ve done it repeatedly.

Here is my story.


I used to be  always mad at my family, especially Mom, because she was always yelling at me, controlling me and blocking my creativity,  and my fun. This anger piggybacked on depression which felt like some part of me suffocating me.

To me anger and fear seemed like my twin personalities. When I fell into being scared, my anger would arise like a big stick to ward off predators. When I was unsure of myself, my fear would arise.

Then trepidation would arise when I could not accomplish what I desired. If I could not get the good grades or the coveted job or the date or make the money I knew I needed, then I fell into the anxiety pot.

Life with these intense, emotional states of being was like being on a treadmill —the tread machine at the gym. I felt like they were pulling and pushing me to do or not do certain actions in my life. I felt like they dominated, controlled, and overpowered me. And often, I felt like they were my master.



This was the key. Asking myself who was the master of my life started me on the path of understanding and mastering my emotions, and understanding and boosting me.

In this program we will analyze and heal the following aspects of your Inner Game Tools:

* Mastery of Negative Emotions
* Reconnection to the Young Vivacious part of you.
* Determining and meeting your needs and desires.


We will focus on the following aspects of your Inner Game Tools:


It takes a strong will, introspection and some powerful tools to control and master them. But once  you do, you gain such confidence, courage, insight, motivation, and spiritual strength you start to feel like a new person.

I believe  we sabotage ourselves if we let these 4 emotions run our lives. They are meant to assist us to feel safe in the world and become empowered. They really are messengers. They bring us information about the state of our mind, the neural condition of our body, and the conditions of the environment we are in.

We all want to be feel empowered. It is our birthright. It is our Divine right. and it is our duty in life.

To feel empowered, we have to learn to use our tools correctly and our emotions are our first  set of tools.



You were born with curiosity, a sense of adventure, persistence, imagination, creativity, spontaneousness, and strong will power. These are collectively called your Inner Child traits.

Maybe today you are not so friendly with these traits, maybe you don’t bond with them. What happened?

You just have let the problems of the world overwhelm them. You can resurrect your Inner Child traits.

They are your birthright. They are as much as part of you as your heart and lungs. They are essential for creating a new life.

Think about Steve Jobs, or Bill Gates for a moment.  Which of these traits did they have?

You are right. They had all of them and they used them. All influencers, entrepreneurs, business owners, and leaders have them and have learned how to use them.

And now you can too.

This program will show how to re-introduce them to your life, how to respect and use them to problem solve and use their energy to create a new life for you.

They are your power. They carry your life force energy and they will sustain and embellish your life like true friends.

Benefits of Finding Your Inner Child traits.

  • Freedom
  • Joy
  • Curiosity
  • Creativity
  • Adventure
  • Spontaneous
  • A strong connection to your emotions
  • Connection to your Higher Self
  • Connection to your intuition
  • Connection to Source (God)


Did you ever think about your needs and desires? Do you think about how you express your character?

Your human character is defined by the traits you possess. Your character is also defined by how you react to a situation, and how you deal with the complexities of life. It is your morals and your principles put into action.

These blogs will help.

Getting Free: Finding my Needs
Expressing Your Character- Authentically


Your needs are unique to you, and essential for your well being. From your needs you will grow your personality and your character. Your personality is your face (mask) i the world and your character is your specific traits, reactions to life situations based on your morals and principles.

If you have loving and supportive parents, you will grow positivity, a strong will, and faith in the Universe to provide your needs.

Your personality will be fun, easy going, trusting, and adventuresome. You will likely draw people with these traits into your life. Manifesting your desires will be easier and faster.

If you grew up with anger, fear, or trauma, you will carry this energy into your adult life, and find yourself reacting to life situations with the energy of anger, fear, or trauma. This energy will become part of your cautious, suspicious personality.

Your personality determines your ability to attract favorable people and events into your life to help you meet your needs. This is the essential synchronization provided by the Universe when you are an energetic match to what you want to attract.

So if you can master your emotions to stay in a positive upbeat mood  and merge it with your imagination, sense of adventure and strong will power and your faith in the Universe to meet your needs with synchronicity, you can create anything.

This program is designed to teach you the techniques to develop these Inner Game Skills.

Your new improved manifestation skills are waiting for you.