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Hypnotherapy in San Jose – by Amber DeAnn

Hypnotherapy is a  very effective communication tool used to modify and alter our behavior and shift our thoughts to achieve a specific goal. It enlists a deep, relaxed, state that feels like drifting off to sleep.The body becomes heavy, your thinking slows down and you move into the alpha state–a relaxed, focused, state of concentration. In this focused, yet relaxed state, you can access your subconscious to change behaviors, and clarify your  thinking.

I practice Clinical hypnotherapy which is a client/therapist interactive process that helps you discover the source of the problem, release the tension, identify the behaviors that are triggering you, and the emotions that feel sabotage you,, It also helps you  identify and clear the subconscious thinking that is creating blocks in your life and clean them out.

Benefits of Hypnotherapy or Hypnosis

  • Discover/release the energy causing confusion, a feeling of “stuckness”,
  • Discover /release your mental and emotional blocks
  • Understand more clearly the behavior of your family, friends, lovers, coworkers
  • Connect with creativity
  • Change habits
  • Shift mindset and self esteem
  • Release anger/fear, resentment & judgment
  • Develop a deeper understanding of yourself
  • Increase your self love, and self acceptance
  • Connect you with your passions, interests and skills
  • Clear family and childhood programming
  • Be able to forgive old emotional and mental hurts
  • Deal with life in a much more powerful way 

After a session, you will feel more “alive”, have mental clarity, feel lighter and happier, and much more energized. You will be able to receive intuition information easier, have increased courage and confidence and be ready to take action toward your goals.

Access Your Subconscious with Hypnotherapy

Our Subconscious is our library of thoughts, feelings, beliefs, life experiences, actions, reactions, regrets, family programming, etc. both for our current life and our past lives. Since we don’t usually use this information  in our daily activities, we need a tool, like hypnotherapy  to access it  when we have a problem.

This deeper states of relaxation or concentration induced by hypnotherapy is similar to the relaxed concentration we use daily when we are listening to a lecture or in a meeting, playing with your baby, or dog, drawing, painting, gardening, fixing your car, writing, reading a book, or meditating.

Hypnotherapy or Hypnosis Can Be Used in the Following Areas

  • Mental and emotional health
  • Physical health
  • Psychic and spiritual development
  • Creative and educational endeavors
  • Athletics and sports motivation
  • Business interests
  • Legal concerns

Testimonials from Our Amazing Clients!

“I felt so much better after my first session a few weeks ago. It felt like a huge pressure had been released after I ended up facing some hard things. It was like if I could do that I could deal with anything. She is safe, patient, kind, and nonjudgmental. I highly recommend her.” – RUTH
“I found our session together to be immensely valuable. Not only was she able to provide me with insights into my blocks, but she was able to use her hypnotherapy background to uncover the block so I can talk to my higher self. This release gave me satisfaction. With Amber’s assistance, I’m able to see myself connecting with my higher self, and instead of demanding a response, I ask for assistance in whatever form my higher self wants to show me.” – Sonal Mukhi   (channeling/hypnotherapy)
“I felt so free after our (hypnotherapy) session. I am now back to writing music and finding a new music partnership with a fellow college student. Thanks so much.” – Austin A
“After my second session with  Amber, my head buzzed with new energy.  I slept for about 12 hours that night after several nights of insomnia and I felt refreshed later. Amazing. I am doing the habit breaking meditation, and using the essential oils that Amber recommended and playing the piano again.” – Ruth

“I went to Amber for a hypnotherapy session. I was ready to discover and conquer my problem. My intuition was affirmed when my mom came into the picture and told me she had had a mental imbalance. For years, I had pain and a nervous condition in my stomach when talking about personal matters. I now recognize the trigger and can remove it . I can regain control immediately.” – Barb K.
“Amber’s hypnotherapy session was hypno accelerated and focused. IT got to the essence of my problem (blindness) faster than other hypnotherapy. I go to talk to my eyes. Amber has a special gift.” – Dee Frisby
“Thank you for the hypno session. I cried for 2 days. I now see I was upset about my daughter moving out. A lot of emotional stuff was happening. But now I feel like an adult and not a victim of circumstances and can deal with them.” – Annie Johnson

I practice transformational hypnotherapy which incorporates modern hypnosis, psychotherapy and merges it with brain science and spirituality.It’s a very effective tool for quickly and efficiently changing behavior and achieving goals.


Any questions, please reach out to me at amber@coachingbyamber.com.

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