Breaking Free from Mom/Dad - Young Adults

Get Freedom from Parent Trauma

Learn How to Break Free from Mom/Dad as Young Adults.

You feel like an adult now.  You’ve graduated from school, have your own friends, and now you want your own career.   But your parents just don’t or can’t understand that you are grown up now.   You’ve tried talking, but it just ends with an argument.   You feel imprisoned and want your freedom to live your life. I hear you! You can have it.

There is a cool technique to free yourself and it always works. In this session, you will drop your heavy burden of anger, and move into lightness and refreshing freedom. You will feel happy, joyful, and buzzing with energy and your parents will be free too. Even though they were not present in the session. Through a simple therapy process we can go back and shift the relationships allowing you to take back your power and be free to be yourself. 

You Will Be Able To…

  1. Identify your feelings &  thoughts.
  2. Identify knee jerk reactions to Mom’s lectures.
  3. Separate your personality from Mom.
  4. Move into your true Self.
  5. Mesh with the hi energy of your passion.
  6. Know “why”  you want what you want.

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You’ve graduated now and you’re ready to experience life. You want your own life. You want to explore new places, engage in new activities or dive deeper into the ones that you love. Like music, writing, dance and sports. You want to make your own decisions and live your own life. Right?

Just one problem.

You sometimes feel conflict between your strong will to break free from the family and the old, mental  habits of still being controlled by the family. It feels like “stuck.”

Why is this?


Here’s the truth. They probably aren’t yours. They’re the decisions of your parents and family based on their life experiences. They come from a different time, place and situation. They are probably not your life lessons or your life path and may not even be relevant to you at all.

We each have a function and a purpose to our lives. We are hear to clear karma, expand our potential, play with diversity (in people, cultures, activities), create and have fun.

Does that sound like something relevant to you? Is that what you want?

You can have it.


By control I mean you still carry the thoughts, feelings and attitudes of your parents. They can still ring in your head when you do your daily activities. They sound like “I need to select my friends carefully, I need to practice and practice to get good at any activity.”

Sometimes you just feel imprisoned by them, or stuck in them like quicksand. They seem to suck all the enthusiasm and life force out of your ideas and plans. They drag you down energetically and feel like a heavy weight on your back — one that you can’t shake off.



Just release the claws of the old family programming and you are free. It’s a simple progress which will open the doors of your life to amazing new opportunities, adventures, insights, new friends and experiences.

When I felt trapped by family judgments and attitudes, I felt numb to my own life and defensive about every decision I made. I was hesitant to live life with gusto and cold to others because I assumed they would try to control me too.

My mind accepted the controlling decisions of my family and my life reflected it.  I was living my life with their judgments and attitudes. I expected others to abuse me and my defensiveness hampered my decisions, my life, and my joy. It was choking me. Once I freed myself, my world opened and new people and opportunities entered and viola! now life was exciting again.

You can too. Decide whose life you want to live— your parents or your own.

“If We are Peaceful, if We are Happy,
We can Blossom Like a Flower,
and Everyone in Our Family, Our Entire Society,
will Benefit from, Our Peace.”
 —Thich Nhat Hanh


“The class and DVD you showed was so effective in contacting love and compassion, that it opened the way for me to be creative. I connect with my inner child by looking at a photo fo me at 2 years old.  Three days later I noticed my walk was different, more definite. I thought I would have to live with my childhood memories, but you proved me wrong.”  — CC

“I loved my session with Amber. She provided a safe and caring space to work out my scary stuff.  Her wisdom and unconditional love guided me through it. thanks.”   SS.

Contact me and let’s talk about how I can help you get your freedom from parent trauma!


Find yourself again and live your NEW LIFE.

Amber DeAnn