Are You Happy with Your Life–Bring out your Inner Warrior?

Are You Happy with Your Life–Bring out your Inner Warrior?

Did you find happiness with flowers from your beloved at Valentines Day?

Did you boss give you that promotion you wanted?

Are your kids getting good grades?

What are your standards for happiness?

Whatever they are, they come from a belief that you have probably acquired from your family or society?

Richard Treadgold, the author of Karma Covered Candy, explains “that each belief we have is attached to a picture of what we think will make us happy. So we strive to manipulate/coerce the world to match the belief so the picture manifests and we can find happiness.  And when it doesn’t match and we can’t get what we want we enter pain and confusion.”

Out of this pain and confusion, come shame and blame, guilt and depression, anxiety, and an array of mental illness.

The Conflict —

The Inner Conflict we are experiencing here is the tug of war between our deepest unmet desires and our present situation with our brain acting as computer trying to figure a way out of the problem.

Mr. Treadgold, says “We can surrender to the fact that we are in pain.  We realize that our Inner Desires are pulling us in a different direction. We can’t figure a way out of the situation, and we can’t live with the present reality.

We feel we must either live in the pain or our fear of change. We feel caught between 2 really bad situations.”

Richard says that “whenever you feel deep discontent and confusion, it is your life essence refusing to surrender to a lifestyle where it can not be fully expressed. This discontent is a blessing in disguise because it will lead you to the unfoldment of your greatest strength.

It is then, he says, that we must rely on the strength and courage of our Inner Warrior.

It is then that we must examine the rules of society and discover who we are.

Let’s review our life experiences and see if they have brought us the desired results of happiness and self-fulfillment that we are seeking. If not, then let’s do some self-discovery to find our unique values and our desires.

These values and desires will determine the lifestyle that is appropriate and valid for us. Then we make a commitment to live in this truth.

It starts with looking at those situations in your life where you feel most alive, where you are doing something exciting, challenging, pushing your limits and feeling the bliss of creation. This is your self-expression.

An experienced life coach can help.

Amber DeAnn, life coach,