Listen to Your Own Truth

Listen to Your Own Truth

As Allan Hardman says in his article, On Telling Ourselves the Truth, “Have you ever thought about how much we lie to ourselves. Think about it! How many times do you talk yourself out of what you’re feeling because your truth might hurt somebody else?”

“We are well programmed from our childhood “domestication” to lie to ourselves. And to each other. …It is more like we fool ourselves. Don’t pretend to like some people more than you really do? Don’t pretend to like yourself more than you really do,” Hardman says.

For your life is controlled by your soul. Your experiences are for your own personal journey.

Denying your feeling of being finished with an activity or a person or a personal behavior only keeps you locked in the situation you are trying to change. It will only cause more confusion and suffering and distance yourself from your objective and the peace your soul seeks.

Help is only around the corner— have an honest talk with yourself and you will see the truth. Need help, contact me at

Find your voice — Listen to your Inner Truth.

Amber DeAnn, Life Coach