Coaching by amber is a life coaching/counseling/hypnotherapy service which helps you ReShape your Life by shifting your mindset and self image so you release the pain of your past and move into clear, focused self expression.


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Discovering Yourself

You can find freedom from who you are right now. Boost your Inner Game.

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Master Your Emotions

Your fear, anger, depression & anxiety can help you manifest a better life. Achieve your work life success your way with Amber.

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Heal Family Relations

Find your peace within your family dynamic. I have life coach programs for parents and their children.

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Redefining Success

I help you take back your power of success in life. My life coach programs will help you take back your control.

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Also, check out my new eBook “Mental Reset”, a powerful tool with strategies to reset your mind for success.

Articles by Amber DeAnn, a Professional Life Coach in San Jose

Strengthen Intuition- Mental Reset ebook

by Amber DeAnn, life coach, hypnotherapist, author   Thinking vs intuition Thinking is not the answer to life’s problems. There is a bigger, better inner talent. It’s called your intuition. It is a sensory “knowing” that comes from connection to your Spirit. This real intuition should be the master of your rational thought.  It has …

Self Image Integration — Is personal development’s next step.

By Life Coach Amber DeAnn Personal development means growing new skills. One very important one is self image. I’m not talking about how you look in black? or how you like your new hair cut. I’m talking about what do you feel about yourself. I have heard so many personal development coaches talk about the need for …

Digging for Success? Some tips by Amber DeAnn

My new ebook, Mental Reset, provides some guidance to help you flesh out your life direction.

How to Shift Out of an Angry Mood

HOW TO BREAK THROUGH AN ANGRY MOOD  BY Amber DeAnn  Did someone cut you off in traffic?  Did someone else get your promotion?   Did your  girlfriend or boyfriend dump you? And you are angry?  Ok, I got it.  Now what are some options to deal with it effectively.  1. State  your emotions. Say out …


Take Back the Control In Your Life! I Can Help You Discover Yourself!

Get out of being stuck. Discover what you are truly capable of accomplishing.


We acquire our mindset by believing our thoughts. We acquire our self image by comparing ourselves to others. Neither our thoughts or our concept of our self image is true and neither is fixed. We can change our thoughts about ourselves and our thoughts about our potential, our mindset. We just need a few tools and a system.

My Clients Love Me


“Mental Reset drew me in immediately with Amber’s offer of a systematic, integrative skill-based approach to greater happiness and success. There are so many paths to self-improvement that it is easy to get paralyzed and not act on of any of them. A plan that that helps us use the best and leave the rest is a true gift.”

– Rita Marie Johnson

“I found the book easy to read and understand. From the list of basic skills to cover it will be very useful to live a life authentically and achieve your hearts desires. Then, in turn, be happy and successful. I look forward to reading more.”

-Mona Angel Wells

“Amber DeAnn’s book is a clearly written “how to” designed to help you restart, kick start and reset your outlook. It does this by guiding the reader in specific ways in order to gain skills to re-engage in life with enthusiasm.”

– Kyczy Hawk

“After reading your book, I started to remember my childhood. When I was young, my dad got involved with alcohol to blank out memories of World War II. When I internalized his neglect and my mother’s anger, I grew angry and neglectful toward myself. Always we are reminded to forgive. Amber’s story reminds us again. Thank you.”

– BL

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